What Is A Theremin?

The Hoge Theremins


Theremin Music Salon

Hoge-Theremin News:

"Something Wicked This Was Comes - 2011" I'll be performing at the second Halloween gala at Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey on Monday, Oct. 24th.


My Theremin Playing Friends

Armen Ra

Kip Rosser

Ernesto Mendoza

Kevin Kissinger

Good Sites:
What it is, getting started, and most everything you'd ever want to know about the theremin.

Every kind of theremin playing you can imagine.

Moog Music
Bob Moog started out making theremins and kept the theremin alive into the modern age.
They make great theremins! Moog is longest continuous producer of theremins, and they are easy to work with.

Wavefront Technologies
The Wavefront Classic is a beautiful, hard wood cased, professional theremin. Modeled after the RCA Victor Theremin, and a true heterodyne theremin with a large coil, it is one of the most musical and responsive instruments available.